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AiFAB is a services and systems supplier for all your aluminium fabrication needs. From consulting on die design and supply of aluminium extrusion through to surface finishing, machining, assembling, packaging and shipping, we offer everything in aluminium.


Whether you need extrusion supply or you’re after a total project management solution, aiFAB can help you reduce costs, decrease production times and increase business efficiency. Australian owned and operated, we use locally-sourced metal and fabricate all products in our warehouses in Dandenong South, Victoria. You can count on high product standards and reliable delivery times from start to finish.

aiFAB custom and standard extrusion supply

Extrusion Supply

From stocked standards to complex or exclusive extrusions, aiFAB is your best source for aluminium supply.


We help forecast and manage your supply needs. You’ll have the product you need, when you need it. Our experienced team can also offer consulting advice on exclusives, to make sure your designs truly deliver.

aiFAB powder coat finishing services


AiFAB maintains an award-winning powder coat line, providing quality finishing for all customer projects.


If a project requires more finishing capacity, we have local access to six other powder coating lines and three anodising lines. We are nimble and responsive for large, custom or short-notice projects.

aiFAB design and consulting services

Extrusion Design

AiFAB aligns aluminium fabrication with custom design support to provide practical, elegant solutions.


Our experienced engineers can support your product development, extrusion design, documentation, and more. We strip out manufacturing costs, identify tolerance errors and match your dies to existing suites.

aiFAB machining and assembly services

Machining & Assembly

From simple repetition fabrication to large-scale assembly projects, we offer customised machining and assembly solutions.


We have a wide range of aluminium fabrication and digital manufacturing tools on hand. Drilling, welding, slotting, punching, precision cutting, and CNC machining up to 16.4m.

aiFAB packing and logistics services

Packing & Logistics

We offer safe, secure packing and delivery for all your extrusions or assembled parts. We can package product in your boxes, with your labels, and deliver direct to the customer or job site.


From overseeing warehouse logistics to managing metal movement throughout your supply chain, aiFAB can do it all.

aiFAB project management services

Project Management

Save time, money and stress: let aiFAB take the metal micro-management off your hands with a full project management solution.


From design and metal supply through to surface finishing, machining, assembly, packaging and delivery, we can build your aluminium products or components from scratch.

Delegate the little details to us so you can focus on building your business. Get in touch today.